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Everybody’s talking about Supra Sculpt

Supra is the new reference for esthetical devices in 2021. Our device is effortless and non-invasive, it allows the stimulation of the biggest muscles of the body and the refining of the silhouette at the same time.

Stimulate your muscles and refine your silhouette at the same time and effortlessly with Supra.

The technology we use permits stimulating motor nerves to produce muscular contractions without any human intervention. This method makes it possible to generate contractions that are very close and repeat tirelessly to obtain a quick and lasting result. This physical exercise is impossible to achieve in real life.

Effortless sports at a beauty salon or at your physiotherapist.

A 30 minutes session of our Supra Sculpting System is the equivalent of a month of muscle contractions without any effort, with our device you have the opportunity to work the abdominals, thighs, buttocks, arms and calves.

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The new device that sculpts the body effortless