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The best athletes do 250 rehearsals a day, so 7500 per month for a consumption of 280 calories on average per session.


Supra is effective in just 6 to 8 sessions of 30 minutes, 2 times per week per treatment area.

Real results

A refined silhouette/ More strength More Muscles/ A Sculpted and Curved Body

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A third of the human body is composed of muscles, it is important to shape them to have a more harmonious and solid silhouette. Supra sculpts and stimulates the largest muscles in the body.

The results are lasting over time as the muscle density will increase significantly.

We recommend one session per month to maintain results. 

Supra allows you to sculpt your muscles effortlessly by refining your silhouette.

The body has no choice but to dip into its reserves and consume calories. It is also possible to complete your Supra sessions with a sports practice for even more results or to combine them with other slimming treatments.

Choose Supra Sculpt and its exclusive programs 100% French design

Before / after photos taken at one of our many partner centers Results buttocks / thighs / abdomen / arms / calves

avant aprés supra sculpt
avant aprés supra sculpt
avant aprés supra sculpt
avant aprés supra sculpt
avant aprés supra sculpt
avant aprés supra sculpt

A classic training only requires 40% of your muscle, while our device can use it 100%.


It is not painful, there is no direct pulse in the skin as with electrostimulation.

During the session, you feel a tightening effect of the muscles due to the Supra Maximal contractions, the sensations are similar to a good sheathing session.


Daily activities can resume immediately after the treatment, in 90% of cases the client will not feel soreness.

For the next 12 weeks, we recommend you to consume low-fat foods, eliminate the consumption of slow sugars in the evening and replace them with fiber and protein.

The Supra Sculpt device has been designed to achieve maximum results in a short time, our partners will accompany you from A to Z throughout your cure to achieve your goals.

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