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1 - Information:

The information published on the website, including its appearance and characteristics, is non-contractual.

This information does not constitute an assertion, guarantee or any commitment on the part of the website publisher with regard to any product or service:

The editor of the site declines any responsibility, express or implied, as to their completeness, their accuracy or their suitability for any purpose.

The publisher of the site has made every effort to ensure that the information accessible through its website is accurate. However, we do not guarantee in any way that this information is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

The publisher of the website does not guarantee, express or implied, all or part of its website. Under no circumstances may the publisher of the website be held liable for any direct or indirect damage, whatever the nature, resulting from the use of its website.

The establishment of hypertext links to other sites or resources available on the Internet, cannot engage the responsibility of the publisher of the site nor that of its host due to the content offered by the designated sites.

Does not accept any responsibility for the content of sites linked to the website of the website editor.

The editor of the site declines all responsibility for the relevance of the information provided and the use that a user is likely to make of it.

2 - Amendments:

The publisher of the website reserves the right to modify or correct, at any time and without notice, the contents of its website, whatever their nature.

3 - Contact form and booking:

The information collected from Internet users through a contact form complies with the French Data Protection Act. We would like to inform you that your responses are optional and that there are no specific consequences for not responding. In some cases, however, your information must be sufficient to enable us to respond to you and/or process your requests.

The general sales and cancellation conditions related to the online booking or booking request are specified in the forms. The Internet user can request a copy of the general conditions of sale. Online booking solutions require that you check the “Acceptance of Terms and Conditions” box before making any purchase. Tourist taxes, if any, will be specified on the hotel’s invoice, they are not included in the amounts indicated at the time of booking. The setting of these taxes is independent of the editor of the site.

4 - Intellectual and industrial property rights:

The website of the publisher of the site and their copyrights are protected as provided for in Book I, Titles I and II of the Intellectual Property Code in its legislative part.

Consequently, any use of the products, including all or part of a website of the publisher of the site, can only be made with written authorization.

According to the rules of common law, the host or the publisher of the site may put at risk the contractual responsibility of its visitors or initiate any action in unfair competition or parasitic against the authors of breaches of the provisions considered.

The Internet user may not communicate any of the products including all or part of the website of the publisher of the site to third parties even if they are legally distinct, against payment or free of charge, either directly by communication of the original data, or indirectly in the combined form of such data.

The Internet user may not modify, reproduce, adapt any product including all or part of a website of the website editor and the data they contain (including photos). The Internet user may not copy by any means whatsoever, download, market, resell, distribute, retransmit, publish, realize an automated download, and this in any form any data available or hosted on the website of the publisher of the site .

The misuse of broadcasting rights will be penalised by the regulatory and legislative provisions relating to copyright and producer rights provided for in the Intellectual Property Code. The same penalty will apply to any use of said products carried out outside the limits of the authorization granted by the hosting provider of the site.

5 - Counterfeiting:

Any reproduction, representation or even partial use by any process whatsoever, carried out without the written consent of the website hosting provider is prohibited and illegal. Failure to comply with this prohibition constitutes an infringement liable to the civil and criminal liability of the infringer.

In addition, third-party owners of counterfeit content, whatever their nature, are entitled to take legal action against counterfeiters. This provision also applies to visiting Internet users.


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